Musical Theatre

Genres of Musical Theatre

If you’re a theatre student enrolled in a musical theatre class or simply a lover of musicals and plays, then you’ll know that no two West End shows are identical to one another. Even though they follow a similar pattern, what differentiates them is the script, storyline and the music. A musical plays a dramatic role in theatre musicals because they set the emotional and tone of the entire stage. There are different types of genres that do so. Let’s check them out!

Book Musical

Book musical is a form of musical tones used in a theoretical performance where the characters in the play and the music are integrated into a particular mood and costumes to narrate a story with a dramatic ending. A book musical mainly comprises of the script, lyrics and the music. Once the script of the act is created, it is followed by the creation o the right kind of music and lyrics. Examples:

Book Musical

  • CATS
  • RENT
  • Annie

Jukebox musical

All of us have heard of a jukebox. It is a collection of various songs from the same artist or the same genre. Similarly, a jukebox musical is the one that is created by mixing of already released songs or the new ones specially created for the musical. It is usually from the same artist, but need not be confined to ti. The storyline, narration and the dialogues, decide the theme for the mix. Example

  • We Will Rock You
  • Mamma Mia

Revue Musical

This musical is a collection of various songs that are based on one particular theme. Revue musicals include dancing, sketching, and various other forms of art. It focuses on the artists’ performance, and the theme of the music and very less importance is provided to the storyline. Hence most revue musicals do not have a structured storyline. They’re usually performed by after that fanatic student, and drama societies as they can showcase different art forms on a single platform.

Revue Musical

Rock Musical

It is a modern-day musical choice that generally depicts a particular story. The lyrics are curated in such a way that it is directly in coordination with the storyline of the musical. The music can be created especially for the performance, or the original rock music can be used which are pre-released by various artists. Rock musicals are used to express the angst among the character and have a different way of touching the audience. They emphasize on expressing the emotions and struggles of 18-century musicians to the modern-day audiences, but without dialogues. Examples:

  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Next to Normal
  • The Little Shop of Horrors

Concept Musicals

These music emphasize the concept of the play/. This genre was popularized in the 1960s when directors and playwrights expressed and voiced the freedom of expression. They made use of the opportunity to connect to a larger audience to depicts various real-life issues and concepts on the stage whilst spreading a message to society. It is the only genre that has equal importance to the music as well as the concept of the play. Examples

  • Allegro
  • Avenue Q
  • The Last Five Years

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